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Ranking Your Experience

We do love to rank things don’t we? We love to keep score.

The Temkin Group just came out with the 25 best (and of course worst) brands in regard to their customer experience.

Apparently, grocery stores are killing it – with Publix and H-E-B (a fond remembrance from my childhood in Texas) are the two highest rated companies. Who is at the bottom? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, the bottom seems to be filled with banks, cable companies, public utilities and insurance companies.

The survey itself seems to have been based on a survey of 10,000 US consumers, asked to rate their recent interactions with 294 companies across 20 industries. It’s a fascinating question really – because of our expectations. Are we really ever going to have the same joy and experience dealing with an insurance company, as we are going to the grocery story? Are the pre-conditions for such an experience literally stacked against those where the experience itself is triggered because of some negative event in our life?

Every brand’s score was based on a three attribute “Temkin Experience Rating” of success, effort, and emotion. While I might argue that of course it will be more effort to get a claim processed, than it will be to get that free doughnut in the bakery aisle, it’s that last one that really has me thinking. What kind of emotional output SHOULD we expect from a particular customer experience?

I don’t have any answers – I’m truly questioning. Exploring. It will be an interesting thing to dive into as we move forward…

In the meantime – see where your business (or category) ranks. How is your business doing?

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