Over-engineering the Customer Experience – ‘Digital’ is not the answer to everything!

I loved this article in Customer Think about how businesses can fall into the trap of over-engineering the customer experience. The author tells the story of how technology, in a couple of instances, actually made the customer experience MORE difficult and problematic rather than easier and/or better.

This is not only a lesson we can take in the way that the actual product or service is delivered – but in how we do our marketing as well.  So many marketers these days mistake technology for making it easier or better for the customer to consume content – when it can actually do the opposite. I’m reminded of the company that puts 16 different fields in their registration form, so that the customer can have access to (and have it personalized) an online education platform. While the data those 16 fields will provide enable the company to make the experience more personalized, they failed to ask if it would actually make it more personal – or even easier.

Sometimes simpler, is more sophisticated.

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