Do Experiences Matter for Employees?

In the conversations that I have with companies about how they can create more delightful experiences for customers, the role of employees often comes up. Brands focus a lot about what happens outside the walls of their organization. But they tend to turn a blind to what’s going on inside.

When we give the same level of attention to employee experiences that we do to customer experiences, it’s glaringly clear that our companies come up woefully short. It’s odd. Why are we passing over the most important audience who’s foundational to the experiences we create?

If we add an employee component to the Content Creation Management framework, it re-recasts the relationship that we have with employees from one of merely instituting processes to that of an experience architect. It empowers both marketers and human resource professionals to reimagine every aspect of the employee relationship with their employer.

When we start with the end goal in mind – a great experience for the employees we have and the rock stars we hope to recruit to our company – it puts our bureaucratic nonsense into perspective. The Talent Board found that more than half of the candidates who find applying for a job hard to do, develop a negative impression of what a company sells.

Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident. They have to be actively designed.

Take a look at these examples. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. The company developed an easy-to-use mobile app that allows employees to manage their time and attendance, benefits and vacation schedule. It also lets them collaborate with their colleagues. DuPont completely redesigned its online HR portal with the end user’s experience in mind first. The outcome was a site that dramatically cut down the amount of time that employees spent on traditional human resource management processes.

What’s your company done to actively design the employee experience? We’d love to know in the comments below.

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