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Pet Cat

Your Pet Cats Must Go

To be very clear, no cats will be harmed in the writing of this post. It’s just that we have to move on from pet cats – projects or platforms that no longer work for us. Earlier this year, I wrote an article for CMI that asks whether content is a sustainable competitive advantage. In […]


Are We Reaching High Enough?

Two quick stories. At the end of last year, I had the pleasure of following Seth Godin on stage at a marketing conference. So I got to watch him in action from backstage. At one point he asked people to raise their hands. Everybody did. “Now,” he said, “Raise them higher.” Of course, everyone does, and they giggle when […]

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Experiences Are Unstructured

So, I was speaking at a technology event recently, and the audience was full of technical content specialists. In a talk that preceded mine, one of the speakers got up and said something that made me laugh out loud. (I told him I was going to steal it.) This is what he said: “Marketing is […]


How Important is Customer Experience Today than Yesterday?

I really love this article. In our book, Carla and I talk about how the opportunity for marketing is now stretched way beyond the simple “top of the funnel” activities of “building awareness”, or “generating leads”.  We now have the opportunity to create differentiated value through the entirety of the buyer’s journey. This article talks […]

Content Success

Content Success Isn’t A Destination

Many organizations want to know how to get good at content. I’ve recently done a little work for one such organization, a high-tech consumer-focused company. I was one of a long line of advisors – including at least two analyst firms, a consulting firm, and a digital agency – to suggest that this company merge its technical-content […]