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How Do You CCDVTP?

Every now and again, I get asked to contribute to round-up posts. These are usually the kind of thing where 20 people answer the same question. This week a company asked me to send them a video that exemplified my thinking as a professional. So I went through my bookmark archive of videos from all […]


How Much Content Is Enough?

When’s the last time you heard anyone in your organization say, “I don’t have enough to do”? Most business people are overloaded. And yet, for all that overload, business projects are less and less likely to meet expectations. According to this year’s “Pulse of the Profession” report published by the Project Management Institute, 16% of […]


What’s the Big Idea?

When you’re a consultant, few things are as satisfying as having a former client or course attendee say, “We tried that thing. It worked.” Or even “Hey, we’ve decided to try that thing.” I had the pleasure of hearing a comment like this when one of my past course attendees, a marketing director at one […]


Play Your Way to More Innovative Customer Experiences

In January, Facebook held its 50th hackathon, a 24-hour Red Bull- and coffee-infused get-together where coders work on innovative applications or new features for existing products. These kind of events are legendary in Silicon Valley, of course; Facebook isn’t the only company to conduct them. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and just about every open-source organization on […]


What Is Personal?

What was the best piece of personalized content you received in the last week? If you’re like eight of the 10 people I chatted with as part of what like to call a “walking the dog” survey I did last week while attending a marketing conference, you don’t remember. What was the best piece of […]


Collateral Damage?

Do you have a content strategy – or a collateral strategy? This is a question I find myself asking more and more. Think about why we call brochures, sell sheets, leaflets, bill stuffers, websites, emails, and other materials we create to support sales “marketing collateral.” When you look at the dictionary meaning of the word […]


Cars Or Faster Horses?

Do you ever have one of those weeks where the same statistic is thrown in your face multiple times, and you can’t help but think, “There must be some message here for me”? This week, for me, it was this statistic: 70% of marketing content goes unused. This is not a new statistic. In 2009, IDC […]


Content Is What We Are

My week’s question for ya’ll… Why is content so important to business? So, two quick stories. Story one. A while back I was advising an enterprise B2B client that launched a new – separate – digital content platform that represented a sparkly new brand initiative. (Yes, it was expensive.) Why was it separate, you ask? Why was it […]