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What Marketers Can Learn from a CIO About Customer Experience

IT has certainly crept into marketing’s world, but there’s opportunity beyond just ‘martech.’ While marketers use technology to improve efficiency and effectively capture data about audience, some IT counterparts are going well beyond that. At the CIO Perspectives event in Atlanta this month, Home Depot CIO Matt Carey talked about his “mission to create an […]


Nordstrom Innovation Lab: Starting with What Customers Value to Create Customer Value

In the conclusion of our book, Robert and I talk about the need for companies to create “liquid” processes…processes that are more fluid than the classic and hierarchical structures that most companies have in place. Understanding why and how processes need to change are what make companies more agile. More able to respond when market […]


Should the CMO Oversee the Whole Customer Experience?

From content marketing to story-driven content to content-driven experiences. This is a path that Robert and I have been on for many years. There’s an enormous value that’s delivered when marketers create content-driven experiences – not just for the brand, but for marketers themselves – because they have the potential to change the entire function […]


Focus on Focus First

Marketers are getting worse at planning. I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months talking to marketers about how to get better in 2016. It doesn’t matter what they’re talking about – content marketing, digital strategy, customer engagement – I keep circling back to the same conversation. Focus. Marketers get caught up in […]


How REI’s #OptOutside Proves That Marketing Should Drive Operations

REI announced it is doing the unthinkable. The multi-billion retail giant is closing its doors on the biggest day of the year – black Friday. Why? Because they’ve allowed what they promise their customers to guide their operations. For marketers everywhere, this is a big deal. And a huge inspiration. In most companies, marketing still […]