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Why Subscription is Critical to Growing Your Brand’s Audience

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of working with many brands to transform their marketing departments and build their content marketing programs. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, they understand that how they get and keep people’s attention is very different from just a few years ago. They lead with value rather than […]


50 Reasons Why We Cannot Change

One of the biggest hurdles for marketers to clear is getting their organization to accept change. To be success at content marketing means that people need to think differently about their work and how they approach customers and build larger audiences. In every case with every marketer, they always bring up the resistance that they […]

Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience

Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience

May 25, 2016 Customers feel love and nurturing slip through their hands from brands once they sign on the bottom line. But people expect more. Retailers are now beginning to see the need to create experiences that go beyond what they sell. This article talks about creating customer experiences around four moments of truth – […]


86% of CMOs Say Marketing Will Own the Customer Experience by 2020

In the midst of buyer complexity marketers are getting the message that it’s time to change their role in the business. A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Path to 2020: Marketers Seize the Customer Experience, explains exactly how much. The report is based on a global survey of 499 CMOs and senior marketing […]


Making Content Marketing the Cornerstone of Customer Experience

In the last few years we’ve solidified content marketing as a practice that strategically builds valuable relationships with audiences. Successful marketers have moved beyond the notion of creating content merely as brochures and websites and moved into looking at content as a foundational element of the business. A foundation that must be acknowledged, planned, created […]