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Carla Johnson Digital Marketing

2017 State of B2B Digital Marketing

B2B marketers are finally getting a handle on some big digital challenges. That’s the message from DemandWave’s recently released 2017 State of B2B Digital Marketing. The research shows that the quality of sales leads is marketers’ top priority. That ousted last year’s biggest hurdle of measuring and proving ROI. Perhaps one of the reasons for […]


Creating the Connected Experience

We live in a world of constant connections – access to anything, anytime, anywhere. Consumers and customers are empowered with more information than ever before. This makes the quality of every connection that much more critical. It’s no longer enough to be simple and fast. We have to think beyond new tactics and strategies and […]


Collateral Damage?

Do you have a content strategy – or a collateral strategy? This is a question I find myself asking more and more. Think about why we call brochures, sell sheets, leaflets, bill stuffers, websites, emails, and other materials we create to support sales “marketing collateral.” When you look at the dictionary meaning of the word […]


It’s Time to Combobulate The Experience

Combobulate. I love that word. Let me explain. Earlier this year, the BBC did something revolutionary for a 93-year-old media company. It dropped its channel-based television and radio divisions and reorganized itself around “content and audience-led divisions.” Basically, it will have two main divisions – BBC Entertain and BBC Inform – which themselves will be […]