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Fixing the Fastest Car

You’ve no doubt heard the classic saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It means, of course, that if something is working adequately, you should refrain from changing it. Leave good enough alone. This advice may be good or bad, depending on the situation. For example, leaving good enough alone is bad advice for […]


50 Reasons Why We Cannot Change

One of the biggest hurdles for marketers to clear is getting their organization to accept change. To be success at content marketing means that people need to think differently about their work and how they approach customers and build larger audiences. In every case with every marketer, they always bring up the resistance that they […]


Over-engineering the Customer Experience – ‘Digital’ is not the answer to everything!

I loved this article in Customer Think about how businesses can fall into the trap of over-engineering the customer experience. The author tells the story of how technology, in a couple of instances, actually made the customer experience MORE difficult and problematic rather than easier and/or better. This is not only a lesson we can […]

Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience

Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience

May 25, 2016 Customers feel love and nurturing slip through their hands from brands once they sign on the bottom line. But people expect more. Retailers are now beginning to see the need to create experiences that go beyond what they sell. This article talks about creating customer experiences around four moments of truth – […]


Not My System

I was on a 12-day road trip to Toronto, London, New York, and Seattle last year. On the first day, my luggage got lost. I talked with half a dozen people at the airline. As we walked through various logical scenarios (at least to me) of how they might get my bag back to me, all […]