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Not My System

I was on a 12-day road trip to Toronto, London, New York, and Seattle last year. On the first day, my luggage got lost. I talked with half a dozen people at the airline. As we walked through various logical scenarios (at least to me) of how they might get my bag back to me, all […]


Content Is Too Important to Leave to a Content Department

There’s a saying, usually attributed to Hewlett Packard co-founder David Packard, that marketing is too important to leave to the marketing department. This sentiment has caused many marketing practitioners to lament that people throughout the business now have two jobs – their own and marketing. Sometimes it seems that everyone in the company has an […]


86% of CMOs Say Marketing Will Own the Customer Experience by 2020

In the midst of buyer complexity marketers are getting the message that it’s time to change their role in the business. A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Path to 2020: Marketers Seize the Customer Experience, explains exactly how much. The report is based on a global survey of 499 CMOs and senior marketing […]


It’s Time to Combobulate The Experience

Combobulate. I love that word. Let me explain. Earlier this year, the BBC did something revolutionary for a 93-year-old media company. It dropped its channel-based television and radio divisions and reorganized itself around “content and audience-led divisions.” Basically, it will have two main divisions – BBC Entertain and BBC Inform – which themselves will be […]

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Ranking Your Experience

We do love to rank things don’t we? We love to keep score. The Temkin Group just came out with the 25 best (and of course worst) brands in regard to their customer experience. Apparently, grocery stores are killing it – with Publix and H-E-B (a fond remembrance from my childhood in Texas) are the […]


Making Content Marketing the Cornerstone of Customer Experience

In the last few years we’ve solidified content marketing as a practice that strategically builds valuable relationships with audiences. Successful marketers have moved beyond the notion of creating content merely as brochures and websites and moved into looking at content as a foundational element of the business. A foundation that must be acknowledged, planned, created […]


What Marketers Can Learn from a CIO About Customer Experience

IT has certainly crept into marketing’s world, but there’s opportunity beyond just ‘martech.’ While marketers use technology to improve efficiency and effectively capture data about audience, some IT counterparts are going well beyond that. At the CIO Perspectives event in Atlanta this month, Home Depot CIO Matt Carey talked about his “mission to create an […]